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Look around you right now. Every piece of technology is powered by a microchip, but what happens if we lost access to those chips? Chris Miller, an expert in international history and “Chip War” author, joins me to discuss the strategic significance of semiconductor technology in shaping your world.

Miller reveals how this critical yet often underestimated technology influences global economics, power structures, and policy-making. For leaders eager to leverage technology for their success, Chris underscores the importance of understanding semiconductor technology for effective, forward-thinking leadership, while equipping yourself with the knowledge to lead confidently in a tech-centric world and shape future trends.

You Will Learn:

  1. How leadership is changing in the age of microchip technology and the geopolitical implications of technology.

  2. The strategic importance of semiconductors in your life and business.

  3. The rapid rise of computing power and its implications.

  4. Why semiconductors are the new global currency.

  5. Leadership lessons from history and technology.

  6. How to navigate future challenges and opportunities in technology

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