5 Vulnerable Leader

Are you a vulnerable leader? A vulnerable leader is someone who is able to expose any gaps they have while also demonstrating that they are trying to close those gaps. The general assumption is that at work, you’re either a vulnerable leader or you aren’t. But it’s not so black and white. It turns out there are 5 types of vulnerable leaders, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. What kind of a vulnerable leader are you? Download the pdf to find out.

This PDF will teach you:

  • Why leading with vulnerability is an incredible superpower.
  • The difference between being vulnerable vs leading with vulnerability.
  • Why just being vulnerable can cause far more harm than good.
  • The vulnerable leader equation which combines competence with connection.
  • How the world’s top CEOs lead with vulnerability.
  • The strengths and weakness of each type of vulnerable leader.

5 vulnerable
leader superheroes

What kind of vulnerable leader you? We all lead with vulnerability in our way. Based on the over 100 CEOs that I did for my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, I discovered that there are 5 types of Vulnerable Leaders. All of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Understanding this will help you excel in your leadership journey while also allowing you to create more effective teams, develop trust, lead through change, and drive business performance. Are you ready to become a superhero?

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