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The Chess and Metz Client and Strategic Methodology

Posted by on October 29, 2010

As a part of our new partnership with Metz Consulting, we made both our client and strategic methodology public for the world to see (yes, we are sharing it and will continue to share a lot of other things in the near future).  In our continued effort to eliminate a lot of the “social” B.S, we’re trying to make things simple and more transparent.  We created our new visuals around this and I wanted to share them with you here.  We also have our social business services guide but we are still working on a suitable visual to display that in an effective way (but you can see what we have so far).  Keep in mind that when you look at both of these images, they should be very simple to understand.  No complicated language, no jargon; just straight and to the point.  If you’re thinking that everything looks too simple, then I will take that as a compliment.  The client methodology explains the three phases of how we start and then continue to work with clients.  The strategic methodology explains the way we approach social customer strategy (from a high level).  I’ll let the visuals do the talking.

Client Methodology

Strategic Methodology

This is a modified version of the Forrester POST methodology.  We didn’t see the need to re-create the wheel but we did modify it a bit slightly and will likely do so again in the near future.  Again, the point is for anyone to look at the visual and say, “oh ok, I get it.”

Does this make sense?  Is it simple enough to understand and follow?  Sure, there are details that go into the various elements that we mention above but from the big picture standpoint, this should make sense.  So, just to be clear:

  • Our client methodology is public
  • Our strategic methodology is public
  • Our services are all public
  • Our pricing and value offering is also public

You can find all of this information on either the Chess Media Group site or on the Metz Consulting website.

If you want to see the full versions which are larger and easier to read, then check them out on the Chess Media Group website under client methodology and strategic methodology.

  • I find this fascinating, and yes, simple enough to understand and follow. I've seen this movement towards making more information public, and I think it's fantastic. It takes away that sort of “wizard behind the curtain” feel and offers transparency to potential clients, as well as a standard for others in the field. Thanks for sharing!

  • congrats on the methodology. Clear, simple and, as you say, without trying or pretending to re-invent the wheel.

    In my opinion this is what makes your company and your expertise so valuable and makes me respect you so much Jacob. I'm so tired of people trying to show and teach things as if they had invented them when the great stuff is simple and usually already there from the beginning. The Forrester POST methodology a clear example.

    Congrats on being clear and straightforward about that. Hopefully we can work together some time in the future in proyects here in Mexico or over there if you need more hands ;).

    Luis Fer Martinez
    Social Business Analyst
    @Radian6 reseller through @solvis