How can the strategic principles of chess be applied in a professional environment? By developing similar critical thinking skills, leaders will be prepared to address challenges with nuanced and anticipatory responses, strategizing five steps ahead in true chess fashion.

Today I am joined by Danny Rensch, Chief Chess Officer of and international chess master, as we explore how the game’s principles can be translated into effective business strategies. Listeners will gain tips on innovation, team building, and the importance of self-reflection, drawing parallels between mastering chess and excelling in leadership roles.

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What kind of a leader are you? There are 5 types of vulnerable leaders, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what kind of leader you are helps you determine who you should work with, the types of projects you should work on, and how you deal with challenges and opportunities. In my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, I interviewed over 100 CEOs around the world and surveyed nearly 14,000 employees in partnership with DDI.

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