I’m going to be starting a series of in-depth case studies around companies that are involved with Enterprise 2.0 initiatives.  Note this it not for vendors or consultants but for actual companies that are looking to implement Enterprise 2.0 internally (i.e. the Dells, Googles, Southwests, and Marriotts of the world).  The way this is going to work is as follows.  I have a series of questions that I’m going to be asking.  Ideally this will be conducted over the phone with the person (s) who is in charge of E2.0 at the company.  This will then be followed up with an email where I summarize all the information and allow for the addition of anything else that the company wants to add.  Yes this is all free and I’m doing this to help educate other companies looking to get involved in E2.0 while showcasing best practices and key learning’s from companies that are already implementing.

I’m basing these in depth case studies around what Bill Ives did with his great series around Booz Allen and their E2.0 implementation.  Here are the areas of focus for the case studies:

  • Business drivers for enterprise 2.0, where did the push come from top-down, bottom-up or both?  What made the company move towards E2.0?
  • What obstacles had to be overcome via change management (organizational, technological, and cultural)?
  • How long have the current efforts been under way? When were they started and when will they be completed?
  • What are the tools/platforms/technologies that are being used?
  • What is the operational impact, meaning what changed (sharing of information, how people work together, etc)?
  • What is the financial impact (cost of the tools/platforms/technology, time, human capital, how much was made/saved)?
  • What are the future plans for changed/enhancements?
  • Have these initiatives been undertaken with outside help or done all internally?
  • What are the lessons learned and key takeaways?

Of course, anything can be added to or removed from the list at the request of the company.  The first case study is going to be around Vistaprint and will be going up during the course of next week in a multi-part series.

I’m really looking forward to this and I hope to share some thought leadership from the world’s leading companies that are implementing Enterprise 2.0.  If you are interested or can introduce me to someone at a company that is implementing please email me (link in the sidebar) or leave me a comment at the bottom of the post.

Thoughts, ideas, questions?