What are the most important factors that go into successful brand building. Actually, let me rephrase that. What is the most important factor that goes into successful brand building. Do you think it is your tag line, offerings, image, reputation, etc? Fifty years ago building a brand was much different than it is today. Fifty years ago companies relied on mass media such as television and radio to get the word out. Fifty years ago there was no yelp! there was no internet for us to look up product reviews and there was no social media.  Fifty years ago companies launched a massive attack on our attention, we were bombarded with radio ads and television ads.  People were being dumped into the top of the funnel, and many of us exited the bottom as customers.  Do you really think this still works today?

Fast forward to 2008, we have the internet we have yelp! we have amazon, and a host of other sites that allow us to research products or brands. So what’s the difference between branding fifty years ago and today? What’s the most important factor for successful brand building? One word, relationships. That’s right, relationships. It’s not about how many people you reach, how many impressions you get, or how many times your commercial plays on the television. It’s about the conversations you are having with people, it’s about the relationships you are building. Your customers are your friends, treat them as such.  Your brand should be a massive relationship builder.  Branding is becoming less and less about sitting behind your computer and writing press releases.  Branding is becoming more about in person interaction, about face to face contact, and about one-to-one marketing.

How are you branding yourself or your company?  are you building relationships?

Thank you all so much for reading!