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Blog World Expo, Vegas Bound

Posted by on October 15, 2009


I’m heading to Las Vegas this morning to attend the Blog World Expo from October 15-18th.  My entire trip is going to be focused around having social media ROI discussions.  It’s also going to be great to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while as well see the KA show from Cirque Du Soleil (which I’m very excited about).  I want to really blow the social media ROI discussion out of the water.  I’m working on a few exciting projects/partnerships that I’ll disclose later but I’m very excited to go after the ROI space head on.

Here are the 2 panel discussions that I’m excited about the most:

Social Media ROI: What, How, Why

  • Panelists:  Rob Hahn, Sherry Chris, Amy Geddes, Mike Simonsen, Dan Green

ROI Smackdown: New Media Vs Traditional Media Advertising

  • Stephanie Agresta (Moderator), Beth Harte, Deb Micek, Muhammed Saleem, Rob Key

I don’t many of the folks that are participating but I’m looking forward to really getting involved in some interesting conversations.  I have a very strong opinion/idea about social media ROI and the process/methodology that needs to be followed (haven’t really shared this yet).  I’ll definitely be blogging about the event and sharing my 2 cents about the conference.

A lot of the value for me comes from the conversations that I have in the hallways of these large events.  I’m hoping to meet some prospective clients and to forge some business opportunities.  If you’re going to be at the event make sure you let me know!