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I’m SOOOO incredibly proud of my wife Blake Morgan on the launch of her brand new customer experience community!!

There’s a lot of overlap between the things I focus on (leadership, future of work, employee experience) and customer experience (which is what Blake focuses on). In fact, I’ve had lots of people in customer experience roles ask me to give talks to their employees and Blake has been giving quite a few talks to HR and line manager leaders.


Because the smart organizations know that employees are customers and that in order to create a great customer experience you also need to create great employee experiences. Lots of research including my own and Blake’s supports this.

The community is going to be managed by Blake and her team, but I’ll be an active participant.

Check out the video below to learn more.

So here’s the deal on The Customer Experience Community:

The community officially launches today and Blake has a waitlist of almost 1,000 people who were promised an early bird rate of $69/month vs the normal $99/month. I asked her if I could extend that same rate to my community and she said yes, but that rate will only last for the next 48 hours. If you do sign up by then you will be considered a “founding member.”

You can try it out for a month, if you don’t like it, you can cancel with no hard feelings!

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly live streams with Blake Morgan to go over what’s new in CX (I’ll probably make a few guest appearances!)
  • Watch monthly presentations from Blake Morgan as well as special guests
  • Access quarterly private reports featuring case studies and trends
  • Get certified in The Customer Of The Future course inclusive of a certification you can post to LinkedIn (usually costs $299)
  • Enjoy direct access to the community where you can connect with peers, share information, and make new friends
  • Gain access to Blake and her team via the community
  • Take CX assessments to figure out where you need to improve your strategy
  • and more fun stuff will be announced as the community kicks off!

If you have customers, work with customers or serve customers then this community is for you. Customer Experience has never been more popular as a topic than this year.

As a bonus, if you decide to sign up for one full year, you get a discounted rate of $49.99 a month.

Blake designed this community to include everything you need to thrive and lead in the fast-growing CX industry.

Once you sign up you will get an email with the login link and password for the community. The password you provided during the checkout process is the password to access the course. You have a role in shaping the experience and by being early to the platform, you will provide an important role in telling Blake what you’d like to see more of.

We’re in this together—you’ll not only hear from Blake (and me), but also from a variety of industry experts and have the chance to join the discussion and network with the community’s other amazing members.

Hope to see you in The Customer Experience Community