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The one stat you need to know

Working as a singular community, Glassdoor is a delight hub for employers and employees alike. Their prestigious list of “Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice – 50 Best Places to Work” is one destination where every company wants to see themselves. Coupled with the “war-for-talent” and passion to trigger enthusiasm, it’s a broader story ahead.

What this episode is about and why you should care

With a massive database that holds over six million data including company reviews, interview questions, salary reports, employee benefits and CEO approval ratings, Glassdoor depict effective recruiting and employer branding solutions. Will Staney (Head Talent Warrior) and Lisa Holding (Global head of recruiting & engagement manager) offers an insight into what makes their company an important entity for companies big or small, the research behind putting the lists together, how war-for-talent can be handled and what’s life like working in Glassdoor.

Don’t be shocked when they tell you that 61 percent of people actually have buyer’s remorse while shifting jobs. According to Will and Lisa, the war for talent has never been this big, has never been so competitive. Money being the top motivator, Glassdoor serves a great platform to hit upon one job which can shape your career in the right way. As Will rightly points out, employees wants to feel that they are valued and look forward to working with smart co-workers. Passion drives greater enthusiasm for people making a change which resonates with the idea of being comfortable with your position in a company and liking what you do.

What you will learn in this episode

  • How bringing in passion to your work helps your work to evolve?
  • How to identify your best place to work?
  • How Glassdoor impact individual decisions with their reviews and ratings?
  • How important are your values when it comes to match it up with the work culture?
  • Why being the “best version of yourself” is important?
  • How can you bring about change in your company to achieve maximum transparency and
    drive motivation?
  • Why is it important for a low level employee to “speak-up” to the leadership?
  • Why giving importance to people is of paramount concern for one and all employers?

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