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Mihir Shukla 02

What is in this episode and what you should care:

Mihir Shukla is the CEO of Automation Anywhere, an enterprise software company. They are redefining how work gets done by introducing the idea of a digital workforce platform and digital workers that work alongside human employees. This combination is designed to help the human employee accomplish more than they ever could alone. Automation Anywhere has 300 hundred employees in 10 offices worldwide. Mihir’s goal is to become one the world’s largest employers without having any employees. How will they accomplish this? Projections show in the next four years, Automation Anywhere will reach 3 Million software bots worldwide which are producing at the capacity of 3 Million people. While they are a software company, the production levels are so high that in the future they can be considered the world’s largest employer in the digital age.

Software bots are digital workers. They can complete mundane tasks, and also tackle more complicated problems as well. Many employers want their workers to complete today’s problems while thinking about tomorrow’s challenges using yesterdays technologies and approaches. Processing invoices, verifying documents, generating reports, data entry, and other mundane tasks still need to be completed, but by humans or bots? Introducing mundane and complex tasks to the digital workforce allows the human employees to think, create, discover, and innovate; basically doing things that humans do best. The man and machine partnership isn’t new, and has allowed the world to advance in countless ways. This concept has now trickled down to our offices, and the outcome can be nothing short of spectacular.

Today most people can’t tell the difference between some types of work performed by a human or a bot. Automation Anywhere provides bots that learn from human behavior. There are many industries that use bots and people interact with them on a daily basis without ever knowing. Airline processes, car production, even a pen sitting on your desk could have been created using a software bot. The addition of these bots has allowed workers to feel less stressed out at work, provide better service to clients and customers, and even reclaim work/life balance in some cases. In a sense, the bots have allowed human workers to reclaim their humanity.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What Is A Software Bot?
  • Software Deployment
  • What Do Bots Do?
  • What A Human Robot Relationship Entails
  • What Types Of Skills are Needed For The Future Of Work
  • Should Robots In The Workplace Be Feared Or Embraced?

Link From The Episode:

Automation Anywhere