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In today’s episode, I speak with Charles Conn, best-selling author of “The Imperfectionists: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times.” Charles is also the board chair of clothing company Patagonia and co-founder of Monograph Capital, a life sciences venture firm. Before that, he was CEO of Oxford Sciences Innovation, a £600m venture firm formed in partnership with Oxford to develop the University’s advanced science ideas. He’s also the founding CEO of Ticketmaster-Citysearch and led the company through its IPO and acquisitions of, Evite, and other companies.

Amidst the backdrop of an increasingly uncertain business landscape, marked by rapid technological changes and geopolitical unrest, traditional long-term corporate strategies are becoming obsolete. This creates a rather difficult challenge for leaders, how should they guide their organizations and make business decisions?

In our discussion Charles emphasizes the need for organizations to adopt new mindsets that welcome uncertainty and transform strategy into dynamic problem-solving. Our discussion revolves around the importance of quick experimentation, tapping into collective wisdom, and navigating the uncharted waters of the business world. This episode is all about unconventional wisdom and practical insights, essential for leaders aiming to fortify their leadership skills in these unpredictable times.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • The 6 mindsets to lead through uncertain times.

  • Why the way we think about and plan for the future today is obsolete.

  • The role that business should play in social causes.

  • Why you should strive for imperfectionism.

  • The importance of balancing taking too long to make a decision with moving too quickly.

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