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For decades organizations around the world have been places where employees NEED to work. Today, we are making a shift to creating places where employees actually WANT to work there. This is a big part of what employee experience is all about.

When you create a great place to work, employees are excited to be there. They are engaged and want to put in their best work. And that all starts with leaders just like you.

Here are three ways leaders can create a great place to work (to get the free infographic head over to Substack and subscribe):

Make people more successful THAN YOU

We assume coaching and mentoring is about making people more successful but that’s not true. It’s easy to spend a few minutes teaching someone something or giving advice to help make them more successful. But I want to challenge you to add two words to the end of that sentence “than you.”

Help make other people more successful THAN YOU. When leaders understand their role is to help unlock the potential of their people, it transforms every aspect of the company and its culture.

Get to know your employees as individuals

This is something I have talked about for the better part of a decade now. People don’t want to work for an organization that treats them like numbers. Each employee is an individual, so take time to learn their motivations, goals, fears, and what makes them tick. Start conversations, build relationships, and be human. Connection is the best way to make people feel valued and appreciated.

View yourself as a lighthouse

Did you notice that the logo for this newsletter is a lighthouse? That’s because throughout history, lighthouses were used by mariners and explorers to find their way to their destinations and to navigate the waters safely.

Modern leaders are lighthouses who shine their light onto the sea of uncertainty that we are all a part of. They guide their people to success in a safe way.

Creating a great place to work starts with leaders who care about their people and view themselves as lighthouses. Remember, without ships in the water a lighthouse is useless. There’s no point building yourself up to become a great leader if you aren’t guiding others to do the same.

Leaders have an amazing impact both inside and outside of their organizations, and how employees feel and are treated at work affects every area of their lives.

Be human and build a place people WANT to be.