There are three main questions that I ask myself on a daily basis that have helped me work more effectively. Today I’m going to share these three questions (and one bonus question) and I challenge you to start implementing this routine into your daily life to see what impact it has.

The three questions are:

What did I learn today?
What is the best thing that I did today?
What can I do better tomorrow?

Question number one is what did I learn today. In today’s world of work it is critical to be a perpetual learner. If you find that you are not learning new things every day, perhaps every few days, that is not a good sign. So this is an important question to ask to make sure you are able to respond to it at least every few days.

There are so many ways that we can learn new things, there’s really no excuse. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, read books, take part in discussions, take a course, etc…

Question number two is what is the best thing I did today. This is an objective question and it could be focused on what did you do that made you feel proud, accomplished, fulfilled, excited, encouraged, etc… This could be work related or it could be something you did in your personal life. A lot of times we tend to focus on the negative things that happen throughout the day, but this question allows us to reflect on the positive things.

Question three is what can I do better tomorrow. Maybe today you attended a meeting and you had a great idea but you kept it to yourself. Well then you can make a choice to speak up at some point in tomorrow’s meeting. All of us have things we can improve upon, this question allows us to pinpoint some problem areas and actually make steps forward to improve upon those areas. It can help push you to continuously grow.

I have one bonus question to add which is, who can I help today/tomorrow and how? Can you bring coffee in for a coworker who has a really early morning? Can you give career advice to a new intern? Maybe you have downtime and you can offer help to someone who is overloaded.

If you can ask yourself these questions on a daily basis you will notice that over time your behaviors will change. Focusing in on these four areas can help you become a more effective individual worker and leader in the workplace.

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