Over the past several years I have interviewed tons of C-level executives from around the world from companies such as IBM, McDonald’s, EY, Siemens, Accenture and many others. One question that I repeatedly ask my podcast guests is “what does a typical day look like for you?” and almost always the response is, “I don’t have a typical day”.

I think this is something we can learn from these business leaders. We all need to break out of our normal everyday routine. We shouldn’t be having the same day over and over again. Take a different route to your office, have a conversation with a coworker you don’t normally see, take an online course you’ve been wanting to try, work in a different location in the office, etc…Wee what could happen if you venture away from your normal routine.

In order to be successful in the future of work, we need to change our day to day routine. How can you start breaking out of your typical day?

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