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Hard work is going that extra step, doing the right thing, and showing that you aren’t just ambitious…but carry the achievements to back it up.

The workplace will always be represented by the many generations of workers whom may look at ‘hard work’ differently, but they still need to achieve the goals in front of them the same.

This will never change.

In today’s discussion, I sit down with John Peyton, CEO of IHOP & Applebees. We will discuss what hard work looks like in the workplace today and how it is perceived by different generations.

You Will Learn:

  1. The definition of ‘Hard Work’ and how to stay motivated in the workplace

  2. How to implement work ethic amongst different generations of employees

  3. Managing work-life balance, employee expectations and workplace flexibility

  4. Challenges & solutions to working remotely

  5. Implementing workplace policies and managing differing employee power

  6. How to manage your career expectations at work

Listen or watch the full discussion below:

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