No matter where employees work, the physical space plays an important role and accounts for 30% of their overall experience–no matter if they work in an office, a store, or at home.

Consider your organization’s values. As you walk around your physical space, do you see these values come to life? Your physical space is a symbol of what you stand for, which means people should be able to understand your values as soon as they come inside.

Physical space even (and especially) matters for frontline employees. If a store is disheveled and chaotic, it creates a subpar employee and customer experience. Just because employees aren’t working in a corporate office doesn’t mean their physical space doesn’t matter. Gap gives employees autonomy to shape their schedules. Best Buy empowers employees to do what they need to build a great customer experience. These policies and mindsets showcase the companies’ values and create a positive physical space for employees to work.

No matter where employees work, their physical space matters. Make sure your physical space highlights your values and creates a positive environment for employees to help them do their best work. After all, physical space is one-third of the overall employee experience. Don’t overlook it.

I put together a video which talks about this in more detail. Please check it out below.

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