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Why do some leaders become more successful than others?

Are they more talented? Do they have more resources? Are they more capable?

This is something I’ve always been fascinated by.

I’ve interviewed over 500 leaders on my Future of Work Podcast, I interviewed over 140 CEOs for my new book, The Future Leader, and I’ve also worked with countless other leaders over the years.

I always ask them…

“Why did you get the job? There are clearly other people who are just as talented and capable as you, but for some reason, you are the one who got the leadership position and not James or Alison.”

This question always gets leaders to reflect on what they do differently than others and it leads to the follow-up question I ask them which is…

“What is your top leadership hack, strategy, or technique that has most contributed to your success as a leader?”

This was something I specifically asked the 140 CEOs when I interviewed them. I was fascinated to learn that most of these leaders have an extra ingredient, something small that they do on a regular basis that gives them the edge over everyone else.

It could be how they run a meeting, how they approach making a tough choice, how they stay connected with their teams, how they treat others, or even how they practice self-care.

Over the years leadership has traditionally been a cookie-cutter approach. Everyone learns the same things in their MBA programs and everyone learns the same things in their corporate training programs.

So if everyone is taught the same things and the same approaches how do you stand out?

You break out of the cookie mold and create something that is yours. But that’s easier said than done.

Unfortunately, when I wrote, The Future Leader, I wasn’t able to fit these leadership hacks and techniques in the book, I simply ran out of space!

So I put together a series of 31 videos where I share what I learned from these business leaders and created, The Leadership Reset Program which I encourage you to sign up for.

This program is designed for seasoned or aspiring leaders looking to step up their game by learning the techniques, tactics, and strategies that the world’s top business leaders use.

If you sign up you will get access to 31 videos where I will share a leadership hack, tip, technique, or strategy from one of the world’s top CEOs (Airbnb, Yum! Brands, MasterCard, Siemens, & more!).

Each video is 3-5 mins in length and is practical and actionable. You will learn what these world-class leaders are doing in their own personal and professional lives to be successful leaders.

Here are a few of them:

  • How the CEO of Avanade makes tough decisions.
  • What the CEO of Intercontinental Hotels Group does to stay grounded with his teams.
  • How the CEO of Otis Elevator creates her own leadership style.
  • How the CEO of MasterCard balances the macro with the micro.
  • What the CEO of 36,000 person Mapfre does when his employees make mistakes.
  • What visualization technique the CEO of clothing retailer LL Bean use to make important decisions?
  • How the former CEO of Yum! Brands, one of the world’s largest employers, plans all his days for success.
  • And much more!

We drip the videos out over a 31 day period so that each day you will get access to a new leadership hack, tip, or technique. You will also be able to access them anytime via the course platform and if we create new ones you will also get access to those too.

I’m very proud of this program that my team and I put together and I hope you decide to give it a shot.

I also want to hear about your leadership hack! What is the one thing you do on a regular basis that makes you a successful leader? Please share below so that we can all learn from each other.

Sign up for The Leadership Reset here, it costs less than a cup of coffee a day and the value you get will change your career and life.