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Where are you on your career ladder?

For decades, we were taught that the only way to succeed was to climb the corporate ladder.

That meant starting as an associate inside an organization and then getting promoted as you paid your dues and slowly climbed the ladder. Eventually, you would get to a point where you and the people around you felt you were successful. Everyone followed that path because that’s what we thought it meant to have a good career.

Today, that way of thinking has gone out the window and people are realizing that there is more than one way to success.

You still have the option to climb the traditional corporate ladder, but success can come in many other forms, too. You may move around multiple companies throughout your career, go off on your own as an entrepreneur, or make a total career switch. What matters most is that you are in charge of your own career ladder.

But to find your own way to success, you have to build your own ladder.

That means building your personal brand through social media, becoming a subject matter expert within your company, and finding ways to build and showcase your leadership skills.

Luckily, we have more access than ever before to tools and resources to learn whatever skills and information we need. And almost all of it is available at little or no cost. If you want to learn how to be a leader, there are countless books, podcasts, and video workshops available. The same is true for nearly any possible skill, from coding to speaking Spanish to becoming a master negotiator. If you want to take your career in a certain direction, you can find a way to learn those skills and steer your future.

In today’s world of work, you don’t have to climb the same corporate ladder as everyone else to find success. You can create your own career ladder to personal success, but it takes work to make it happen.

What are you doing to build your own ladder?

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