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Vote For Me and Olivier Blanchard to Present at Enterprise 2.0 Boston!

Posted by on January 15, 2010

Myself and Olivier Blanchard are in the running to present at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston.  Our topic is Enterprise Social Media:  Best Practices in Development, Deployment and Integration.  The two of us are going to work on making this a killer session for enterprise organizations looking to get involved in the social media space.  However, we’re going to need your help in getting this session pushed through as it works on a voting system.  If you think this session is a valuable topic then PLEASE visit our panel, sign up (it takes 30 seconds) and vote for us.  As the title says we are going to focus on best practices across three key areas:

Enterprise social media development

Companies looking to get involved in social media need to start somewhere.  In this section we’re going to cover how companies need to look at developing their social media strategies while tying those strategies back to ROI or impact metrics.  This is going to cover everything from identifying how social media can support existing company initiatives to how new social media initiatives can be created to drive business objectives and impact the bottom line.

Enterprise social media deployment

Once the strategies are development the next steps is actually rolling them out.  This section is going to cover everything from how companies need to structure their teams to setting timelines and expectations for a full scale social media roll out.  This is an important topic because killer strategies are only as effective as their ability to be executed.

Enterprise social media integration

Once strategies are developed and deployed the next step is actually integrating social media into the organization.  Large companies have multiple departments across various geographic locations which can oftentimes be an obstacle.  One of the big challenges comes into play when trying to integrate social media across an entire company so that it is a PART of the way the company does business and not some external add-on.  In this section we’re going to address how enterprise companies can really start to integrate social media into existing (or new) business functions and processes.

Myself and Olivier are putting a lot of time and effort into making this a valuable session for Enterprise (and smaller) organizations.  Please take 30 seconds to register and vote for our session, it would be much appreciated!