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Twollow: Automatically Follow People on Twitter Based on Keywords

Posted by on November 19, 2008

Twollow is new simple tool that automatically follows people based on keywords or phrases that those people mention.  Think of it like Google Alerts but for twitter.  It’s an interesting idea but sometimes people will mention keywords or topics that aren’t really representative of their industry.  For example you can be in the technology industry and then one day you casually mention “cookies” in one of your tweets.  It also doesn’t look like the system keeps track of who the new followers are.

This video explains everything, check it out.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading

  • This is going to be abused by companies. Guaranteed.

    • oh absolutely. twitter is going to have to figure out a way to prevent abuse otherwise it's just going to kill the platform.

      thanks for reading and commenting

  • I guess I like the idea better of RSS Feeding relevant terms to you, reading the Tweets and then deciding to follow them or not. Auto-follows just don't make a lot of sense to me when Twitter should be about the social interaction and the connection you are trying to make to those people. I prefer an introduction, or at least starting at a place where I make a conscience effort to follow someone for a reason. When I have a new person follow me, I am curious 1.) how they found me and 2.) why they chose to follow me. I will read their profile and if I find something interesting, contact them, but if I cannot see an immediate reason they followed me, I feel like it is kind of up to them to let me know why.

    This tool could work, but only if you would truly reach out to the person you auto-followed. Since it looks like it doesn't keep track of new followers, it would be pretty tough to make proper use of this tool.

    • ya i agree, especially when the auto follow looks at the words that people tweet that may or may not be random. i mean the other day i sent a link out to an article which talked about how a committed suicide live on streaming t.v. now if someone used suicide as a keyword they would end up auto following me, yet i usually don't tweet such things.

      i see a lot of potential for abuse with this tool.

      thanks for the comment!

  • I've been told that Twollow has a limit for the number of people it can auto-follow for you per day. The way I see it, this is a great tool (like Tweetbeep) for companies looking to do a bit of customer service and user engagement on Twitter. For most twitterers, I think it will just be used as a way to increase potential followers without having to do much work.

    I got an email this morning about another twitter tool It does a few things other Twitter tools don't. Still don't know though if it's for me, but others will likely find it very interesting.

    • interesting, i didn't know that. at least that will help with some of the abuse. i think it could be a great tool to monitor conversations but i dont know if i like the auto follow idea. i mean why not create something like google alerts where you can find out when people mention a keyword without you auto following them?

      ive heard of socialtoo as well, they do some interesting things, but im not using them…yet

      thanks for the comment!

      • True. I use tweetbeep on things like my name, URL, etc so that I get email alerts when people are talking about things likely relevant to me. I find it, like Google Alerts, to be very, very useful. Plus, like you said, it's then up to me if I want to follow those people or not.

  • It sounds great…at first. But key words don't = value. Too many people use the right words in their profile and all the wrong ones in their Twitter updates. I still prefer to search and research on other apps like Twellow, where you can search by keyword but analyze the user's stream before following.

    Interesting post though, thanks!

    Christine Perkett
    @missusP and @PerkettPR
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    • hi christine,

      i agree with you, i still stick to the original way of searching. thanks for reading and commenting, glad you found it interesting.

  • This should be built into twitter. Follow keywords, not people. The follow shouldnt be automatic, but I want to be alerted if anyone on twitter uses particular words, then I can review them and decide manually whether to follow them or not.

  • Joe

    This looks like a great way to get started! Follow people many of whom will then follow you!

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    yes i love twitter so much, its a great took

  • silkpillowcases

    yes i love twitter so much, its a great took

  • Alfred

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  • I have been using hootsuite for a while for automating tweets but I look out for something more for bulk direct messages to promote my latest blog post. Thanks for suggestions

  • I have been using hootsuite for a while for automating tweets but I look out for something more for bulk direct messages to promote my latest blog post. Thanks for suggestions