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What this episode is about and why you should care

With the crisis in leadership and so many employees in the world disengaged, I’m always looking to find organizations that are doing things differently or thinking about leadership differently. This is Part 1 of the future of work podcast featuring Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., a manufacturing company with over 8,000 employees that has shown a growth rate of 16 percent a year compounded over the past 25 years. Bob has a unique approach to leadership whereby he feels personally responsible for every employee that works at his company — a concept that he calls “truly human leadership.” When surveyed, employees described Barry-Wehmiller as “family.” We talk about this idea of truly human leadership, and what Bob and his company are doing differently as far as management and leadership are concerned. We have some very interesting debates and discussions around the concepts that he is implementing, the justifications and metrics he may be using, and more. Bob also shares many interesting and fascinating stories. Enjoy and make sure to tune in for Part 2!

What you will learn in this episode

  • Who is Bob Chapman and Barry-Wehmiller
  • What is “truly human leadership” and what led to Chapman’s perspective
  • Chapman’s perspective on should an organization be treated like a family vs. as an alliance
  • Chapman’s views on why many organizations are causing employees to be unhealthy
  • Chapman’s concept for measuring hearts: Barry-Wehmiller’s approach to Lean manufacturing and its impact
  • Barry-Wehmiller metrics — dialog vs. surveys
  • Trust, wearable technology and human potential
  • How to build trust
  • The return on investment of truly human leadership

Links from the episode