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The State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Report

Posted by on September 14, 2011

UPDATED: We’ve been having problems with our resource download manager so many of you were not able to download the report but this is all fixed and all resources are now updated and live!

Today’s post is written by my colleague Connie Chan, Principal and Co-Founder of Chess Media Group.

Findings from Chess Media Group’s newly published research report, State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration, reveal how emergent collaboration is increasingly becoming a business imperative for staying competitive in a global economy.  The report demonstrates that today’s organizations are now being faced with choices in how to use emergent collaboration technologies to increase business performance and global competitiveness.  Where should senior management begin?  What areas should they focus on?  How should budget be allocated?  Who should lead the initiative?  How can actions be leveraged to increase adoption?  This report aims to inform these considerations and decisions.

The State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration report presents findings from an online survey we conducted in the Spring of 2011.  Over 230 end-users within small, mid-size, and enterprise-size companies headquartered around the world participated in the survey.  Through this report, we present perspectives and fact-based experiences provided by enterprise collaboration practitioners.  Our analyses from their responses seek to provide organizations with insights that will support their collaboration projects. The report covers:

  • The enterprise structure of all survey respondents
  • The maturity of enterprise collaboration
  • Organization sponsorship, business drivers and ownership
  • Financial performance and satisfaction

Specifically, we zoomed in on the current state of Enterprise 2.0: business drivers of collaboration, sources of sponsorship, deployment and implementation, employee adoption, practical applications of emergent collaboration tools, and financial and non-financial performance.

Key Findings From the Research

1.    Business managers and IT managers are beginning to work more closely together to co-own and co-sponsor emergent collaboration initiatives.

2.    There is not a strong enough focus on developing an enterprise strategy before deploying a technology platform.

3.    Organizations are stuck in the “value paradox.”

4.    Solving a business problem or achieving an objective is just as good as being able to show a financial ROI.

5.    A combination of both a structured and unstructured approach is the most successful and commonly used approach by organizations.


Our ability to deliver this research is partially made possible by the companies that underwrite this report.  While we appreciate the support of our underwriters, we also greatly value our objectivity as an independent consultancy.  The results of the survey are an objective assessment and independent of any bias from the vendor community.


A sincere thanks to all of our partners, friends, and colleagues who are working with us to advance the knowledge and education of the enterprise collaboration space.   We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge them for their opinion and guidance on issues such as the construction of this survey as well as for their insights, guidance, support, and friendship, all for which we express our sincere gratitude.

Carl Frappaolo, Director of Knowledge Management, FSG Social Impact Advisors

Gil Yehuda, Director of Open Source Technology and Strategy, Yahoo! and Enteprise 2.0 Thought Leader

You can view and download the State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration from the Chess Media Group Resources page, which also offers a series of six case studies devoted to enterprise collaboration.  Registration is required.  We invite you to draw on all our publications for information and ideas.

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