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Subscribe to "Optimal Play", The First Social Business Newsletter for Decision Makers and Executives

Posted by on March 8, 2011

Chess Media Group is going to be launching our “Optimal Play” newsletter within the next few days; it’s going to be the first newsletter on social business for decision makers and executives (at least the first that I know of).  We’ve worked hard on formatting and content and we already have over 1,400 subscribers to “Optimal Play” and the newsletter hasn’t even launched yet.  We are going to focus on two key topic areas: enterprise collaboration and customer collaboration (oftentimes referred to as Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0) but from a management consulting perspective NOT from a social media perspective.

I think there are a few things which make our newsletter unique and hence reasons why you should subscribe:

  • Going to be focused on addressing issues that we are hearing from decision makers and executives at organizations.
  • We will cover relevant industry news, updates, and events.
  • We will be adapting the newsletter and the content based on the feedback that readers give us.
  • Every month we are going to be featuring either a vendor, individual, or a brand that we feel is making contributions in the field of social business.
  • Additional resources will be linked to in the newsletter for more information.
  • The top blog posts every month from Social Business Adviser will be showcased and linked to, meaning you can get the digest of the most popular social business topics every month.
  • Company updates and information will be featured and delivered to readers of the newsletter before anyone else.
  • For fun we are also going to be featuring monthly chess puzzle contests.
  • The newsletter is 100% free.

The business value should be clear, and even if you’re not a decision maker at your organization it will still be valuable for you to hear about and read about the issues that we will be covering.

Signing up for the newsletter is easy and just takes a few seconds, I promise you will be glad you did!

If you know of anyone else who you feel will benefit from this type of a newsletter then please send them the link.  Thanks as always for all of your support!