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I am an avid user and experimenter of all things related to social media and social media marketing. Recently I have come across a few tools which I think are beneficial to any StumbleUpon or Digg user and I wanted to share them with you.

The first tool is a StumbleUpon Alerter from Adamant Solutions.

StumbleUpon Alerter tool

This tool allows you to track your discoveries via a simple application that you download to your desktop. When the application is open, you will receive information on your Stumbles. This tool lets you see who likes your discoveries and who doesn’t. You can also analyze your friend’s data as well to see what they are stumbling and how they are rating their stumbles. And just add the icing on the cake, you can also check which one of your domains are performing the best. Say for example you are submitting several stumbles from several of your own domains, you want to know which domain is performing the best so that you can continuously monitor and add quality stumble content right? Well now you can.

The next tool is the Digg Alerter Tool, also from Adamant Solutions

Digg Alerter Tool

This tool is very similar to the StumbleUpon alerter. It allows you to see who is digging your stories and what comments people are making on your stories. The new update that was release also allows you to look at buried data as well. This simple Digg tool can be left upon on your desktop (along with the StumbleUpon one) so that you can check your stats as they are updated. Simple to use and very effective.

Enjoy the tools and happy stumbling and digging!