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Paul GreenJr03


What this episode is about and why you should care

This episode of the Future of Work podcast I had the pleasure to speak with Paul Green, Jr., co-founder of the Self-Management Institute at The Morning Star Company. Morning Star is an agri-business and processing company who is the largest processor of tomatoes. Everyone in some way, shape or form has consumed products that have come from Morning Star. What is really fascinating about The Morning Star Company is that there are no managers, and is the reason why I was so interested in speaking with Paul. Paul and I address some of the principles of self-management and how Morning Star came to this process of self-management. Our discussion includes hiring, firing and problem resolution ─ all functions traditionally handled by managers. He also shares insights into something they created called CLOU – Colleague Letters of Understanding, which is essentially an agreement employees make with each other where they agree upon what type of work they will be doing, how they are going to do it, etc. We cover much more, and end with Paul’s advice to organizations and employees. This is an absolutely fascinating discussion ─ and one that is very timely given Zappos recent shift to holacracy and the recent discussions on new models and concepts for restructuring. I learned so much speaking with Paul and I think you will as well. Tune in for this fascinating conversation on self-management with Paul Green!

What you will learn in this episode

  • Who is Paul Green, Jr.
  • Background of the Morning Star Company
  • The basics of self-management
  • Structure of self-management and what this means for Morning Star
  • CLOU (Colleague Letter of Understanding) – commitments across interdependent colleagues and peer regulation
  • Morning Star’s onboarding process and other functions
  • Gain an Agreement Process – the key principle of Morning Star’s core principles
  • How to navigate through Morning Star from within the company and examples
  • Green’s perspective on various corporate structures and the applicability of self-management to any company
  • Green’s advice to organizations looking to implement self-management practices
  • Green’s advice to employees

Links from the episode