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What this episode is about and why you should care

Many people are already using technology to track things in their personal lives such as the food they eat, steps they take, sleeping patterns, and much more. However, what if we took this same approach of the “quantified self” and applied it to creating the “quantified workplace?” That is, using data and technology to measure and track how we work. In this podcast I talk with Kris Duggan the CEO of BetterWorks that allows organizations to do just that but setting and measuring their goals and objectives. Is the quantified workplace the future of work or is it a bit too much? Listen to find out!

What you will learn in this episode

  • How setting goals in a transparent way can help boost performance levels?
  • How social gestures act as a driving force to achieve a desired action?
  • What the future of the quantified self looks like?
  • What the quantified workplace is actually about?
  • Is there a company “creepiness” factor to the quantified workplace?
  • What are the variables that drive employee satisfaction and engagement?
  • How many current goal setting and talent management approaches are outdated and what to do about it?

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