Down the street from my apartment there is a small Indian restaurant called Chutney that is usually packed with people. There are a few other Indian restaurants near by as well, all serving similar food at similar prices. So what makes the restaurant down the street from my apartment so special? Milk Tea

Chutney has a table set up in the back of a the restaurant with 2 large thermoses of free milk tea. None of the other restaurants do. How can milk tea make such a big difference? Simple, extra value. If I want Indian food near my apartment I have several choices, so if I am going to spend the same amount of money and eat the same type of food why not go the restaurant that will give me a little something extra?

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Most people believe that something free has little or no value; nothing could be farther from the truth. Chris Anderson has a great post on his blog that explains why it is wrong to assume that free=no value.