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Why I Love What We Do at Chess Media Group

Posted by on April 27, 2012

For those of you not familiar with our company, Chess Media Group is a management consulting and strategic advisory firm that focused on collaboration.  We’re a small company of passionate people who love what we do and that’s how it’s always been.  The same people who started the company are the same people who do provide the hands-on strategy development and execution that our clients value.  This means that we get to work with a select group of fun and interesting clients every year.  We are by no means a McKinsey-sized shop or have a complex traditional agency structure, nor do we ever want to be.  Our smaller size enables us to be flexible and adaptable to our various types of engagements and our clients’ unique needs – which keeps things fun and interesting!  One of the reasons why many of our clients like working with us is our smaller size – we are flexible and adaptable and it’s easy to develop closer relationships with us.  The analogy I give people is that we want to be like House (the central character on the TV show of the same name) but for the collaboration space (and much nicer than he!).  Like in the show, our firm consists of a small group of people that focus on the fun and challenging aspects of collaboration and how to make it work.

I want to share this recent testimonial that one of our clients sent over because Connie, our co-Founder, and I both found it very meaningful to us after our engagement:

“When 23TouchPoints began looking for expertise to integrate a social technologies strategy into our existing global platform, we interviewed several companies and individuals.  Our research was rigorous and the competition was intense.  At the end of our interviews. Connie and Jacob, principals of the Chess Media Group, received our unanimous recommendation.

The main reason we selected the Chess Media Group was that they were not “selling” their technology solution.  Instead, they proposed educational and consulting sessions to better understand our needs in order to give us objective feedback and direction.

The other reason we selected them was Connie’s and Jacob’s demonstrated ability to  pick-up the phone and talk with the principles of many of the social technology companies we investigated.  Direct access to these key executives moved our project along and kept us on schedule.

Several months after the completion of our engagement with the Chess Media Group we still benefit from Connie’s and Jacob’s observations and guidance.  They have been an invaluable resource for our product designers and developers.  In short, they kept us from making costly mistakes, which gives us a huge ROI on our consulting investment in the Chess Media Group.”
~Scott Ahlsmith, President, 23TouchPoints
This is why we do what we do!
  • Love to see the passion. Congrats to you and Connie! Hard work pays off in the form of value for your clients.

    • Thanks Blake, we certainly do work hard 🙂

  • Nice story! Congrats Jacob and Connie!

  • Anonymous

    It pays off all your hard work, congrats! You did a great job.