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Today’s discussion is with Nick Goldberg, the Founder and CEO of EZRAx, a leading digital coaching company (learn more about them below). Our conversation today is all about coaching and leadership. It turns out that not all leaders make great coaches, and not all coaches are suited for leadership. Goldberg emphasizes that in the realm of business, unlike sports, coaching isn’t about providing direct answers but guiding leaders to discover solutions themselves.

We discuss how coaching in the workplace shapes adaptive leaders to navigate the complexities of modern business challenges. Highlighted are these 4 skills: resilience, regulation, emotional intelligence, and the ability to be agile and adaptable in the workplace. Coaching is not about providing direct answers but guiding leaders to discover solutions themselves. This self-discovery process, often facilitated by Socratic questioning, is pivotal in shaping adaptive leaders who can navigate the complexities of modern business challenges.

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