Speaking Topic

The Vulnerable Leader

"The future of work is all about employee experience."

– Jacob Morgan

Leaders are told to be vulnerable, but what does that actually mean, what’s keeping leaders from being vulnerable, how do you do it, and is vulnerability always a good thing?

Leaders are in positions of power and authority which means being vulnerable for them is not the same as it is for everyone else. Based on over 100 CEO interviews and a survey of 14,000 employees around the world, this session looks at how leaders can unlock the superpower of vulnerability by approaching in the right way. Jacob’s is filled with exclusive CEO stories, insights, and frameworks, and is backed with plenty of hard data. When the session is over you will know why vulnerable leaders are superheros and how to become one!

Learning objectives:

  • What it means to be a vulnerable leader.
  • The impact of vulnerable leadership.
  • What makes leaders feel vulnerable and why.
  • How to approach vulnerability in the right way.
  • How to unlock the power of vulnerability combined with leadership.

Free Live Masterclass: August 4th-6th

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