Speaking Topic

The Future of Work

"The future isn't something that happens to us, it's something that we create."

– Jacob Morgan

The future of work isn’t something that happens to us, it’s something we design, shape, and create!

How is the world of work changing and how should we set ourselves and our organizations up for success? Talent is transforming, there is fear of AI and automation taking jobs, change is accelerating, work and life are integrating, and leadership is evolving. In this talk Jacob explores how employees, leaders, and organizations are evolving and what that means for all of us.

Learning objectives:

  • Trends shaping the future of work.
  • How technology needs to be used to augment humans, not replace them
  • What the future of work looks like.
  • How to think about the future of work.
  • How to shape the future of work.


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