Speaking Topic

Us or Them? The Role of Robots, Automation, and Humans in the Future of Work

"Will technology create more jobs than it eliminates, or will it eliminate more jobs than it creates?"

– Jacob Morgan

The concept of AI and automation isn’t new, for thousands of years humans have been obsessed with trying to create “things” that are better, faster, and stronger than us.

Author Pamela McCorduck said that AI is “our wish to forge the gods,” but what happens when that wish finally comes true? As the speed of technology progress continues to accelerate and as AI becomes more capable, what does that mean for humans and for jobs? Research shows that millions of jobs around the world are at risk of being automated but the business leaders that Jacob works with and interviews are saying the exact opposite, so who do we believe? In this exciting talk Jacob will explore the history of AI, the current research and trends fueling the AI debate, and the most crucial skills and jobs that we as humans can possess to thrive in a technology and AI driven world.

Keynote Themes:

  • How AI has evolved over the years and where we are today
  • Recent AI research
  • Multiple perspectives of the AI debate (job creation and destruction)
  • Real-life examples and stories of companies using AI
  • Leadership in a technology-driven world
  • Skills for the future

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