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Introducing Weekly Collaboration News & Views

Posted by on January 6, 2012

You may have noticed a few small changes to this website.  The first is the “resources” image in the right hand sidebar which will take you to all of our collaboration resources at Chess Media Group.  The second thing, is that we are converting our “newsletter” to weekly “collaboration news & views” but the name will still remain “Optimal Play.”  Those who subscribe to this will get 1x/week updates with the most popular and relevant pieces of collaboration news and opinions for that particular week.  If 1x/week is too much recipients will also have the option to request getting monthly updates instead.

We decided to do this for a few reason:

  1. We oftentimes get asked about what’s happening in the collaboration space so this way we can answer one question that many people have
  2. The collaboration space is changing rapidly and it’s tough to keep track of the relevant information
  3. We wanted to create a very simple approach to this so the weekly news and views are going to be short and simple covering no more then 3-5 weekly stories, each being no more than a paragraph.  This means that in just 2 minutes a week you will be able to quickly digest everything you need to know about collaboration for that week
  4. This is going to be crucial for executives and decision makers that need quick pieces of information delivered to them

As of now we have around 5,000 subscribers to this which is great, we should be starting this in the next 1-2 weeks so if you want to sign up you can follow the link in the sidebar or you can just click on this link.  We won’t spam you, you can opt out at anytime, and you can also decide to receive monthly updates instead of weekly updates.

We are also hoping to improve this over time so we are going to be incorporating feedback from the subscribers.  Share it with your boss, your colleagues, your peers, or your newborn babies or pets who want to learn about collaboration.

Happy 2012!

  • Michael Buccilli

    I like your changes Jacob!  I appreciate your continuous flow of great information.

  • Very nice!