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Introducing Social Business One

Posted by on February 3, 2010

Towards the end of last year I was approached by Bob Thompson from Customer Think and Axel Schultze from the Social Media Academy to be a part of a new type of community that just debuted a few days ago called SocialBusinessOne.  SBO was designed to be a home base for everything from Enterprise 2.0 to Social CRM (anything social business related).  There are plenty of other sites such as The Social Customer, The Customer Collective, and Social Media Today that all aggregate content and build a community around their specific topics.  However, none of the other sites have as strong of a focus on social business, Enterprise 2.0, social CRM, adoption strategies, and how to build collaborative workplaces.

I’m hoping SBO will rapidly grow into a valuable community and resource center for anyone interested in social business topics.  I’m one of the selected members who make up the founder’s council and am honored to be along side folks such as:

  • Esteban Kolsky
  • Tatyana Kanzaveli
  • Prem Kumar Apranji

Overtime the founders council will work closely with Axel and Bob to begin integrating new features and ideas that we feel will help benefit the community.  For now, I wanted to introduce the site to all of you and invite you to play around and explore the content that SBO has to offer.  There are some leading minds contributing really solid content on there, which I’m sure you will find valuable.

Let me know what you think!