Information About The Book!

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I'm Writing a Book!

Posted by on May 18, 2009


This is the big announcement I have been hoping to make for the past 2 weeks.  I had to wait for all of the paper  work to get signed, but everything is finally done and I can now say that I officially have a book deal!  I will be writing the book with Josh Peters who helped me write Social Media for Authors.  The book is due out around September/October and is going to focus on social media for businesses.  The goal of the book is to help businesses understand and navigate the social media space (will talk more about this later).

This book deal actually came about through social media.  Our social media for authors ebook spread around the web through twitter (which means you probably helped make this happen!) and eventually found it’s way into Clay Bridges Publishing who then offered us to write a full length social media book that will be featured in all forms and in all major book stores.  Can’t say no to that, and we didn’t!  We are on a bit of a time crunch so we have been writing quite a bit during the past few weeks.  I can’t release the name of the book yet or any more details, but I will soon!

I have to say that I’m extremely excited at the thought of seeing my book in stores such as Borders.  I’ve always had a life long goal of eventually writing a book but I never thought it would happen so soon, it’s actually a bit surreal.  I’m fortunate to have a network of so many experienced professionals in every field from Advertising to PR and I’ll most likely be reaching out to many of them for information.

That’s all I can really talk about for now but more details will be released soon, going to have some very special folks help out on this book so expect more details and announcements in the near future!

A very big thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog and interact with me through social media.  You guys rock!