If you have ever worked together with your spouse or your significant other you know that it has its challenges. My wife and I have worked together in our home for many years and we have found a few things we can do to make working together easier and more successful. Today we will be talking about three of the main things we have found to be helpful:

Take time/space
Respect boundaries
Help each other

Don’t be scared to take time away from each other. We all have times when we need space from our significant others, but especially when you are working together. When you feel you need to have some space to yourself go outside, go into another room, put headphones on, or go out to get coffee. There’s nothing wrong with needing time and space to yourself.

You also have to respect each other’s boundaries. When you are working right next to your significant other, it’s so easy to want to talk about non-work related things–what do you want to do for dinner, where are we going this weekend, where should we go on our vacation, etc… But it is important to remember that both of you have work to get done. My wife and I, even though we work from home, we have decided to treat our time at work as though we are in an office. We are there to get work done and so we have to respect each others work time. We still bounce ideas off of each other and get advice, but we keep it work related from 9-5.

Taking time to help each other is another important tip. My wife and I help each other all time time with work related items. We ask each other to proof read things, we ask each others opinions on speaking engagements, we bounce ideas off of each other. We want to support one another and be as successful as we can be.

If you currently work with a spouse or significant other, I highly suggest implementing these three tips as we have found them to be very helpful.

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