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Do entrepreneurs have to go off on their own and start their own business?

Not always. You can still be an entrepreneur inside your organization—it’s called being an intrapreneur.

Adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur, even if you work for a company, shows that you are in the organization to make a difference and that you can’t be replaced.

In our uncertain times, thinking like an entrepreneur can help you make a difference, find greater success, and be valuable to your colleagues and leaders.

To think like an entrepreneur, follow these five characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Ability to push through obstacles and challenges. Entrepreneurs face a lot of rejection and challenges. But instead of giving up, they keep going. They come up with creative ideas, solve problems, and move ahead, even when people say no.
  2. Big dreamers. Entrepreneurs have lofty ideas. They try to make an impact on the world and their community.
  3. No fear of failure. Successful entrepreneurs know they will face failure, but they use their failures as learning opportunities and move on to the next step. Instead of treating failures like catastrophes, entrepreneurs take them in stride and use failures as a chance to grow.
  4. Vision. Entrepreneurs have a clear idea of what they want to do and where they want to go. They are confident in their trajectory and the problem they want to solve.
  5. Self-driven. Entrepreneurs have an internal fire and determination to keep going forward. They don’t need someone telling them what to do to figure out the next step.

I put together a video which talks about this in more detail. Please check it out below and if you want more content like this you can subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Becoming an intrapreneur by thinking like an entrepreneur can not only help you improve your company and solve problems, but it will also give you a leg up in your career. By demonstrating the characteristics of an entrepreneur, you can make a real difference and showcase your determination and big ideas.

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