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Being in a manager role doesn’t automatically make you a leader.

But if you can adopt the mindset of being a great leader, you can become an amazing manager and find great success.

Although each person has their own strengths and personality, great leaders and managers have certain traits in common. According to Julie Zhuo, best-selling author of The Making of a Manager, great managers can get great outcomes from their teams over and over.

How a manager gets outcomes comes down to three qualities:

Know your people.
People are the most important resources a manager has. It’s up to the leader to know each person’s strengths and talents and put them in positions that play to their strengths. Great managers know how to put the right people on the right problems.

Figure out the process.
Managers have to figure out the processes, including how people work together in the context of the team. A great leader creates smooth processes that allow teams to work together and move forward instead of getting caught in tedious steps and red tape.

Convey the purpose.
Great managers share the company’s purpose and goals with their employees. No matter how good your talent is, if you’re not clear about what they are trying to accomplish, they won’t be effective. A great leader shows each employee how their work contributes to the overall purpose of the company and helps them feel valued.

Being a great manager means being a great leader. No matter if you’re new to a manager role or experienced in your company, developing these three qualities can help you be a standout leader who gets results.


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