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Every day, my wife Blake and I get tons of messages from people who want something from us.

And we delete 95% of them.

Even with all the communication and technology tools available today, people still choose to send mass messages and emails. But it’s rare for those types of messages to get a response, and they can even hurt your brand and credibility.

If you want to get a response from someone you are targeting—for a sale, to make an investment, or to speak at an event—it pays off to do five minutes of legwork.

The emails we respond to are the ones that are personalized and show that the sender put some effort into the message. If I receive a mass email that doesn’t even have my name in it, I’m not going to respond.

My wife Blake made a video about this which you can see below. If you want more content like this then make sure to subscribe to the Be Your Own Boss Podcast Youtube Channel where Blake and I teach you how you can be your own boss.

Here are Blake’s three proven ways to get a response from someone you are targeting.

  1. Don’t send mass messages. Send an email or message to each person individually, not to an entire group of people. If you target and identify one person and then spend two minutes creating a message just for them, it puts you ahead of the vast majority of people and you’ll stand out in their inbox.
  2. Research the person you are targeting. Do a simple Google search to know what’s happening in their lives right now. Look at their social media for recent updates or at what’s happening with their company or industry. Then take that information and write a message that fits their current circumstances.
  3. Be relevant to them. Before you send your email, figure out how your message or product is relevant to them right now. Why should they pay attention to you? Make your communication personalized and relevant.
    It only takes about five minutes to craft a personalized, relevant message that is much more likely to get a response.

As you reach out to other people to grow your business, follow these tips to get responses.

Now more than ever, people are moving from full-time employment to entrepreneurship. We are collectively realizing that the only job security that exists is the one that you create for yourself, but how? My wife Blake and I are successful entrepreneurs who both made the transition while we had full-time jobs. You can learn how here.

Download our new guide on 5 Tips For How To Become An Entrepreneurs While You Have A Full Time Job.


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