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When is the last time you REALLY got inspired or learned something new from a corporate training program?

It’s probably been a while… a long while…

I feel like there is a shortage of inspiring, motivational, and educational content on leadership, the future of work, and employee experience. Something I have been trying to address on my Youtube channel.

Sure, there is some good stuff out there, but we need more… a lot more!

When we see overly scripted corporate content trying to teach something like leadership we tune out and we don’t retain the information.

It becomes more like homework or a chore instead of something we genuinely want to do or learn about.

For over the past year my team and I have been working really hard on trying to fix this problem by creating short high-quality videos with music, stock footage and graphics, and call-outs to help make videos more fun and engaging.

Sure, I have plenty of courses I offer through The Future of Work University but I also get a lot of emails and social media comments from people who are asking me for free resources because times have been tough…I totally get that.

This is why I’m so proud of the content my team and I have been sharing on my Youtube channel which is completely free for everyone and anyone around the world.

In fact, several organizations around the world have been licensing these videos for their own internal training programs!

If you’re interested in leadership development, the future of work, and employee experience then I invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Here are a few videos to give you an idea of the content we have been working on:

My team and I are constantly looking to improve and make more and better content for all of you.

If you have feedback or suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to share it and I really hope you subscribe to the Youtube channel where we release a few episodes each week.