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Join me in today’s episode as we speak with Ron Shaich, the founder of Panera Bread, a bakery/cafe fast-chain restaurant with over 2,000 locations, 140,000 people, and a revenue of $5.795 billion dollars! Our discussion covers the value of empathy and direct interactions with your customers and team members. Understand why the balance between data and intuition in decision-making is so important…

You WILL Learn:

  • How To Implement Creativity Into Business Growth

  • How To Spot Trends, Brand Transformations, & Decision-making in Business

  • How To Make Business Decisions Based On Intuition & Data

  • How To Understand Your Customers & Build A Successful Business

  • The Advantage of Having FRENEMIES For Your Learning & Growth In Business Stay tuned for the premium subscriber only episode on Thursday where we will cover the management of emotional pain in business leadership & how to prioritize what matters in life and work.

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