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Google Plus, the Best Way to Duplicate Your Content

Posted by on July 12, 2011

So I’ve been playing around with Google + since it came it (a few weeks now?) and I’m starting to notice something interesting.  People are posting the same content on Google + that they are posting on Twitter, Facebook, and on other social channels.  I click on someone’s Twitter profile and they share a link, the same link that they just posted to Google+ .

In other words Google + appears to have become a channel to put up content just like any other.  The interesting thing is that the people who are receiving the content are the same ones that are already getting it via sites such as Twitter and Facebook!  The “circles” that people are creating are comprised of the very same Twitter followers an Facebook fans that they already have.

In effect what’s going on is that we are just duplicating (literally) the content we create on another site and the same people are receiving it.  If that’s the case then what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong I think Google + is a pretty cool platform with a lot of great functionality but the challenge for any new player in the space right now that is going to combine the features and functionality of an existing platform is getting users to do something different with it, otherwise it’s just another Twitter and/or Facebook.

Personally, I think one of the greatest values of Google + is that it can be use for asynchronous communication whereas Twitter’s value comes from real-time communication.  It’s just like a customer facing version of Salesforce Chatter (ok maybe not just like it but you get the idea).

Not going to do a full in-depth review of Google + because there are already plenty of those.  Instead I just wanted to share this observation to see what you think.  Are you seeing this as well?

  • Jake Sharman

    I think that is the natural jumping off point for any new social networking venue; to gather our friends and colleagues from other venues and duplicate what we generally do elsewhere. From there, if Google+ is to become viable, it will grow into whatever it is to become. Personally, I see a lot of potential with Google+ as a venue which rounds out the experience rather than duplicates it. Time will tell if others see what I see.

  • Huh thats was predictable!

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  • But google plus is also a duplication of facebook, twitter and other social media.

  • Some people say that G+ copy facebook and other people said that Facebook copy G+, I’m not familiar with Google plus but surely I will try it.