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Free Webinar on the Business of Being Social and Why You Should Care

Posted by on September 9, 2010

I’ve been a fan of blueKiwi for a little while now.  For those of you not familiar blueKiwi, they are a social business software company which allows customers, partners, and employees to effectively collaborate with one another.  I believe they have a very interesting vision for both customer and employee engagement and they are executing on that vision.  I have seen the product evolve for over the past year and it has really come a long way.  I’ve also seen the company grow both in terms of employees and client base.   This is why I’m excited to be a part of a webinar series they are hosting on social business.  blueKiwi is also going to share how Dassault Systems is solving real world business challenges using their unique solution.

On September 23rd I’m going to join Martin Schneider, Senior Director of Communications at SugcarCRM (another great company) to discuss the impact of social business to organizations.  This webinar is going to be unlike most because it’s going to bring both a social and a CRM perspective to social business.  Although I’m quite involved with Social CRM and social business these days, my background has always been in marketing, entrepreneurship, and social media (not in CRM).  Martin on the other hand has a very solid grasp of CRM (among other things) and will be sharing some of his insights around how that fits within social business, he’s really a smart guy and I’m looking forward to presenting with him.

As I mentioned the webinar is free to attend and we will be looking at social business from beyond just a “social” perspective, so it should be quite interesting.

If you would like to attend all you need to do is follow this link to register.

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