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Free Webinar: Common Collaboration Problems with the CIO of Pabst Brewing Company

Posted by on May 15, 2012

This Wednesday the 16th at 10am PST Ben Haines, the CIO of Pabst Brewing Company will be joining me on a webinar to discuss some of the common collaboration problems that organizations face today.  We’re going to try to have a casual discussion around what obstacles organizations are running up against and how they are overcoming these obstacles.  The event is being powered by Cisco which is allowing us to host the event on their platform.

Here are the details taken from the event site:

Collaboration is not new. In fact, we have collaborated for thousands of years. However, organizations today are struggling to adapt to the change in behaviors and the advances in technology that employees are beginning to bring into the workplace – technologies and habits taken from their experiences with the consumer web. New collaboration platforms and strategies have permeated the organization, and executives and decision makers need help to navigate and make sense of it all to develop solid strategies to leverage its capabilities.

There are several common collaboration challenges that organizations are faced with today that they struggle to overcome.  Some examples include:

  • Difficulty with finding the right people and information
  • Employees disengaged with their company, and uninspired and unmotivated to do their job
  • Lack of senior leadership support
  • The “email culture”

During this 1 hour webinar on Wednesday, May 16th at 10am PT, join Jacob Morgan, Principal and co-Founder of Chess Media Group, and Ben Haines, CIO of Pabst Brewing Company as they talk about common collaboration problems, the challenges and successes they’ve encountered, and practical steps organizations can take to overcome their own challenges.

Click here to register for the event!

  • hey have intrest to attend the webinar is it there or completed ??/