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Technology is changing all the time. It’s easy to get swept up in what’s new and shiny, but what matters most is using the technology your teams actually need. The newest device or program doesn’t do your company any good if it doesn’t help your employees do their jobs better.

It’s a fine line to balance being friends with technology and chasing every shiny thing. But when you find that balance and focus on the right technology for your employees, it can make all the difference in propelling your company forward.

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Run A Technology Audit
Once a year, conduct a technology audit of your company. Take a step back and look and what technology your teams use and how they use them. Identify bottlenecks that can be improved by new technology or bottlenecks that are caused by technology that need to be improved. It’s easy to get caught in the weeds when you only consider the day-to-day uses of technology, but an annual audit forces you to look at things through a big-picture lens to really see what is and isn’t working.

Collect Data
Don’t assume that just because you give your employees technology that they will use it. Collect and leverage data to make the best employee-focused technology decisions. After all, the people using the technology every day will have the best insights and perspectives. Ask employees about new technology after it is introduced so you can continually stay in touch with how the technology is working. Talk to employees, run focus groups and surveys, and have an ongoing feedback process around technology so you can make changes and keep improving.

Have A Practical Perspective
With so many technology options, it can be overwhelming to find the best solution for your company. Adopt a practical perspective with technology to only pay attention to what has use and value to your organization today. Don’t chase the newest or shiniest objects - focus on things with a current practical business application. That practical perspective will help you find the tools that will empower employees to perform effectively and keep your company moving forward.
Technology is the central nervous system of an organization. It’s what supports programs and systems and has a huge impact on employee experience. Things like flexible work schedules, collaboration, communication at scale, and much more are only possible through technology. Technology shouldn’t be ignored, but it also shouldn’t overshadow other priorities. By focusing on technology your teams actually need, you can build a great employee experience and keep your company and your people moving forward efficiently and effectively.

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