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If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t stay stagnant. We always have to be improving and elevating ourselves.

The world around us is changing at a breakneck pace, and we have to be continually improving to be the best versions of ourselves and keep up with it.

This is especially true for future leaders, who need to be in their best shape to lead in this rapidly changing world. You can’t stay the same and expect to be able to lead teams in the future.

I had the chance to talk to Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners, about this topic. He has led a fully remote team for years and has seen in the last year how people have had to adapt and improve themselves to work in and lead remote teams. He knows the importance of continual improvement and says it comes down to your daily habits and actions. You have to know where you want to go in order to put in the work to get there.

In his book, Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others, Robert lays out four ways to elevate yourself for continual improvement:

1. Spiritual. This isn’t necessarily religious, but it’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for. This includes the personal standards you live by each day. In order to improve yourself, you have to know where you are going and what you want most.

2. Intellectual. Spiritual elevation helps you realize where you want to go, intellectual elevation helps you get there. This includes establishing routines and healthy habits and setting long-term and short-term goals.

3. Physical. You have to take care of yourself physically to have the strength and energy to reach your goals. Elevate yourself with improved eating and exercise habits to take care of your body.

4. Emotional. Your emotional levels affect your relationships and how you react to challenging situations. Everyone faces stress and trials, but when you elevate yourself emotionally, you are better prepared to handle the ups and downs.

You can truly elevate yourself when you focus on these four connected areas. Putting all your effort into physical improvement won’t help you set goals, just like building yourself up intellectually won’t help you emotionally prepare for future challenges. These four areas work together to create a well-rounded, elevated person.

To be your best self now and in the future, focus on elevating yourself in these four areas: spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional. When you know where you want to go and how to get there, you can be in your best form, no matter how the world changes.

For more information about how to elevate yourself, check out this graphic:

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