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Ever wondered what separates good leaders from great ones?

Discover the profound impact of prioritizing mentors and collaborators over chasing prestigious company names or lucrative paychecks.

In today’s discussion, I sit down with Jim Barr, CEO of Bowflex Inc., a global leader in smart and connected home fitness. We explore his philosophy, “focus on who you’re going to be working with instead of the company and the money,” which is not just advice but a testament to his own success.

You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding the role of mentorship in acquiring career expertise and leadership skills

  2. The importance of working for a good leader as opposed to working for a company that pays you more

  3. The importance of collecting various experience to be a successful leader

  4. How to spot trends and implement responsive actions

  5. The value of a compelling vision, impactful strategy, and strong team dynamics in leadership

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