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Today’s 16 min video is with Hubert Joly who is a tour de force in the world of business leadership, best known for his transformative role as the CEO Best Buy. When Hubert and I spoke he told me stories of how his peers would tell him he’s crazy for taking the role. Articles were written about Hubert and Best Buy saying that he was in way over his head and that the company was sure to go bankrupt!

Taking the helm during a tumultuous period for the electronics retailer, Joly orchestrated one of the most notable turnarounds in modern retail history. Under his visionary leadership, Best Buy not only weathered the storm of online competition but also emerged stronger, redefining its value proposition and reinvigorating its brick-and-mortar presence. Joly’s approach, which emphasized a people-first strategy and a renewed focus on customer experience, has since become a case study for successful business transformation.

In today’s “Leader’s Tookit” you will learn:

  1. How to Align with Purpose: Merge personal callings with corporate missions.

  2. How to Prioritize People: Reframe performance reviews to be people-centric.

  3. How to Foster Employee Growth: Introduce individualized coaching and adaptive learning environments.

  4. How to Approach Profit: Focus on serving stakeholders and view profit as a byproduct.

  5. How to Maintain Leader Well-being: Embrace self-care routines for sustained leadership clarity.

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