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We Need Your Help! Participate in the State of Enterprise 2.0 & Enterprise Collaboration Study!

Posted by on April 21, 2011

We would really love and appreciate your help if you are involved with enterprise 2.0/enterprise collaboration efforts at your organization (or know who is or have friends at other orgs who are)!  Chess Media Group launched what we consider to be the most comprehensive and important enterprise 2.0 and collaboration survey to date.  The purpose of the survey is to answer questions that decisions makers and executives will find relevant when considering to invest in these initiatives.  We’re asking questions such as:

  • what tools organizations are using and why
  • how budgets are being allocated
  • how these initiatives are being pursued within organizations
  • how return is being measured
  • how strategies are being developed
  • and many others

The survey only takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and all of your information is confidential.  Those who complete the survey will also receive access to 4 enterprise collaboration case studies (no fee and no registration) on Intuit, Vistaprint, Oce, and the Federal Government.  This survey results are going to benefit anyone and everyone involved in the enterprise 2.0/collaboration industry and I encourage you to share it with any relevant friends or colleagues.  If you are responsible for collaboration efforts at your organization then please take the survey!  Results will be published around July and together we will be able to provide insight into many of the questions that are we hoping to get answers to!

We have several great vendor and content sponsors thus far that we would like to thank as well (we might have a few more and if you are interested in becoming a content/vendor sponsor then please let us know).

On the vendor side this is being sponsored by:

  • Avectra, an up and coming vendor in the enterprise collaboration space originally focused on associations but now broadening their offering.  Avectra offers a unique combination of a community platform, a CRM system, and an internal collaboration platform.
  • Blogtronix, an enterprise collaboration software suite which allows organizations to develop both internal and external communities.  Check out the Blogtronix comparison chart to see what makes them really stand out.
  • Newgator, another enterprise collaboration software suite which allows organizations to really get the most out of sharepoint by building applications and features on top of this already popular platform.  As Newsgator says, they make sharepoint social.

On the content side this is being sponsored by:

  • The Enterprise 2.0 Conference, the leading enterprise collaboration conference in the United States with two annual events, one in Boston and one in Santa Clara.
  • Social Business Forum, the leading enterprise collaboration conference based in Europe.
  • Customer Think, a large community created by Bob Thompson which seeks to help organizations understand how to develop into customer centric organizations.  Customer Think features some of the best content on the web around this.
  • CMSWire, an online publication focused on helping decisions makers and executives understand how the current changes in the technology landscape are effecting how organizations make business decisions.  CMSWire covers topics such as enterprise collaboration, content management, document management, enterprise cms, and others.

A sincere thank you to all of our partners, friends, and colleagues who are working with us to advance the knowledge and education of the enterprise collaboration space.  A very special thank you to Carl Frappaolo who helped advise us on the questions to ask for the survey and who along with Dan Keldsen wrote the original state of enterprise 2.0 report in 2009/2010.

We’re always looking for more help with spreading the word of the survey, the more responses we can get the better so if you would like to help somehow then please let me know.  In the meantime, please take the survey if you are responsible for enterprise collaboration efforts (or are involved in them) at your organization.