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Thank You SignWhat are you doing with your marketing collateral?

Oftentimes individuals or business do not make the most of their marketing collateral. Every presentation, document, and e-mail, is a piece of marketing collateral. When you give your client their monthly report, don’t just say “Thank You” at the end of it. Let the client know about your next speaking engagement, tell them about some of your other services that they may find useful and relevant, provide them with any type of company/industry news, etc. Their are plenty of other service providers that would kill to be in your shoes. You have access to the gatekeepers, executives, and decision makers; make the most of it.

So the next time you reach the end of your client report and you’re thinking about writing “thank you,” think about what additional value you can provide. Maybe you provide online design services to your client but also offer a custom print design service as well. Maybe you provide your client with SEO services but also have a PPC unit.

Not only is this an efficient use of marketing collateral but your clients will thank you for it.